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The 3-in-1 Cooler Bag

Rated by 4.9/5 by 13912 Happy Customers

  • Portable Fishing & Camping Backpack Chair

  • Be The Envy Of Other Hikers, Fishermen and Travelers
  • Keeps Your Food and Drinks Cool

  • Perfect Gift For Passionate Hikers and Fishermen
  • Extremely Durable and High Quality With Oxford Fabric and A Waterproof Coating

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

"It's a nice piece of gear if you're into fishing and camping"

Make your hiking more enjoyable!

Always feeling sore and looking for a chair to sit on during a long hike? With the 3-in-1 Cooler Bag, you can enjoy a cold beer and have some snack while taking a comfortable sit wherever and whenever you want.

You will never be left thirsty again while fishing or hiking with this convenient multifunctional gear.

Comfortable as a backpack and easily converts into a chair, the 3-In-1 Cooler Bag will not only help carry all the food and drink you need for your next fishing trip, but it can also provide a perfect comfortable stool to sit on while waiting for a nibble to come.  

Rated by 4.9/5 by 1329 Happy Customers 


  • Remove stain, rust and paint in seconds

  • Completely dust-free, safe & eco-friendly

  • More effective than dry sand-blasting

  • No more heat-damage on surfaces

"I was surprised to find it worked flawlessly! I read the instructions. Used it exactly as they said. And had no problems. For the money this tool is one of my favorites in the garage now." 

- S. L. Johnson - Hudson, ME -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Multifunctional Gear 

Comfy Backpack - Portable Cooler - Durable Stool

Forget the days when you have to bring a bulky heavy cooler everywhere trying to keep your favorite food and beverage cold enough to enjoy!

The 3-in-1 Cooler Bag is the perfect backpack that not only stores and keeps food and beverage cool, but also supports your legs after a long walk with a built-in folding stool.
  • Durable Stool: Hold up to 150kg/330 lbs

  • Large Capacity: of 40 Liters 
  • Compact, Lightweight & Portable

  • Perfect Gift: For Hiking and Fishing Enthusiasts
  • High Quality Material:With Oxford Fabric and A Waterproof Coating

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


A Sturdy & Stable Stool

As a chair, tubular steel frame construction provides sturdy and stable seat for you and the height of the stool is perfect so your legs could take a rest.

A Well-Built Backpack

As a backpack, it has adjustable shoulder straps, multiple pockets and large space.

A Well-Insulated Cooler

As a cooler, it has a foil well-insulated cooler bag which can keeps food and drinks cold or warm in several hours.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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  • 12-Month Worry-Free Guarantee

  • One More Order - One More Tree

"As a wildlife photographer I need something light-weight and easy to carry when hiking. Just slips off my back when I need to sit down. Very sturdy as I weigh 170lbs. Also great for carrying bottled water, snacks or other necessities. If your looking for comfort and a larger seat you probably won't like it. I only sit to take a break, eat a snack or capture a low angle shot. Love this item and wished I had discovered it much sooner."


- Chris Martin, US

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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Why Dias Wet Sandblasting Kit?

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  • Completely dust-free, safe & eco-friendly

  • More effective than dry sand-blasting

  • No more heat-damage on surfaces

  • Fits into any standard ΒΌ inch connector

Don't Take Our Word For It. Here's What Our Customers Say:

"Yes! This is awesome! A backpack, cooler, and a chair all in ones! can't wait to take it with me when I go hiking or fishing. The cooler area is pretty large It looks like it will hold a lot. It has adjustable straps to carry it on my back. I sit comfortably on the seat. I weigh close to 160lbs and it holds me just perfectly. It is very comfortable to sit on, I took a picture of it next to a chair with a standard can on it to give others an idea of the size of the seat. It is well made and not to heavy when I wear it as a backpack. The pocket in the front is great for holding my water bottle for easy access. There is another small zipper pocket that can hold my phone or glasses case, or other things. I am very happy with this item I plan to purchase another as a gift."

- Jenifer, Florida, USA

"I LOVE this product! I’m 150lbs & it holds me perfectly. The small thermal pocket is the perfect size for bottles/cans of water or soda. And small sandwiches. VERY light weight! Easy to carry. I live in Nevada & go hiking and fishing sometimes. I suffered a knee injury a few years ago and it still bothers me from time to time so if I ever go out to events where I may be waiting on a long line or going hiking & need to take a break to rest my knee, this comes in handy 100%. I highly recommend it."

- Clay Kreiger, New York, USA

"I’ve bought camping chairs before but they weren’t sturdy or comfortable like this one, which has good quality and thick fabric. Not only that, I love how this is a resourceful chair I.e. space and pockets for lots of foods and especially how it can turn into a backpack - all very convenient!"

- Trevor G., Boise Rivers, ID

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Question: What will I receive in the package?


Question: Should I reset the record every time?

Answer:Yes, You should reset the record every time, it will records your correct posture.

Question: How long is the shipping?

Answer:It only takes 2 weeks to arrive to US

Question: Is it easy to put on?

Answer:Yes, just follow the instruction below

Question: How long (approximately) will it keep drinks cold?

Answer: Our camping chair can keep drinks cool for 5-6 hours, wherever you go ,you'll always have a seat for rest and cool drinks available.

Question: Can this be folded and carried with items in the cooler or does the cooler have to be emptied first?

Answer: Our camping chair can be folded and carried with food, drinks in the cooler, no need to be emptied first.

Question:What is the weight limit on the chair ?

Answer:The weight limit is 330 pounds. Thanks!

Question: When can I use the included warranty?

Answer:The included warranty protects your Mr-Write writing tablet from any damage which prevents normal functionality.

Your warranty is applicable if the brush is damaged and the damage makes it non-functional.

Currently we provide 1-Year and 2-Year warranty options.

Question: How long does delivery take?

Answer:Due to high order volume and the situation with COVID-19, shipping times are extended. Usually your order will arrive in 8-16 days but in some cases it may take up to 25 days.

Try 3-in-1 Cooler Bag Completely Risk Free

Try the 3-in-1 Cooler Bag completely risk free for 30 days. If for whatever reason you decide you aren't satisfied, contact our helpful customer support within 30 days of receiving your order and we'll refund you, no questions asked!

🌲We Plant One Tree For Every Product Purchased🌲

Use our 3-in-1 Cooler Bag with pride knowing that a % of your purchase goes towards planting trees around the Earth.



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3-in-1 COOLER BAG  x2

1 Bag is $139.95 now you can get 2 Bags with the price of $62.95 each.


SAVE $130

Total: $125.95

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