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4.9   |   By 13812 customers 


|  Rated by 13812 customers


  • Keep your wine glasses, bottles and vases spotless clean 

  • Scrub hard-to-reach areas effectively without scratching surfaces

  • Easy control with super strong magnetic 
  • Comfortable grip with large handle

What others ARE sayING about MAGCRYSTAL™ CLEANER

"Useful innovative tool!"

Most awesome cleaner. I saw this item on a facebook video that highlighted neat inexpensive inventions. I immediately ordered and tried it out on a heavily used clear vase. 

I've attached a before and after. For the first go - I'm pleased. Takes a little to get used to because the magnet is strong strong.

Scott J. - Tucson, AZ

"Best Bottle scrubber."

I bought one for me and one for my mom (xmas stocking stuffer). So far she absolutely loves it and wants to buy another one. She is really into having clean glassware.

In particular, it is good at cleaning residue from a very curvy and difficult to clean wine carafe/vase. I think it's a cool idea, and the magnet seems pretty strong. 

I'd buy again as a fun little gift that not everyone has, in fact may buy a couple to put into my gift stash for use as last-minute hostess gifts.

Felix B. - Melbourne, Australia

"Worth every penny"

This is quite possibly one of the best items I have ever bought online. I have one of those wine decanters that has a narrow neck and a nooks and crannies everywhere. 

When I run it through the dishwasher there is always residue that is left inside it that is impossible to get to with a bottle brush and just won't come out.

Enter the magnetic spot thingy and OMG it all lifted right off. Great invention!

Shirley R. - Whangarei, New Zealand


Looking for an easy way to clean wine glasses, bottles or even the weirdest decanters? Then, the Magcrystal™ Cleaner is for you!

Made of the most powerful magnets, the Magcrystal™ Cleaner easily washes all of your weird shaped glassware from top to bottom in just few minutes without cracking them.

With this brilliant invention, you no longer have to deal with a brush or sponge, which is never able to get rid of stains or water marks in hard-to-reach bottle necks. 

The Magcrystal™ Cleaner has a textured neoprene pad that provides a surprisingly effective scouring action yet won’t scratch surfaces.


Everybody loves ornamental glassware, but having to clean them after a long time of use is one of the biggest obstacles for having one. 

With conventional brushes or sponges, you can hardly ever clean your beautiful expensive bottles and decanters properly without a risk of breaking them.

The Magcrystal™ Cleaner is engineered to allow you to clean those narrow-mouthed or awkwardly shaped decanters and vases quickly and safely. 

It is definitely an excellent solution for everyone from the housewives who usually want to keep everything in their house looking nice and neat, to lifelong wine lovers who expect their decanters to be in pristine condition all the time.


Cleaning your favorite glassware couldn't get any easier thanks to these innovative features of the Magcrystal™ Cleaner:

  • EASY TO USE: With strong magnet force and a large handle, you can easily control the inside scrubbing disc through even a thick layer of glass.

  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING: Small & lightweight design enables the inside scrubbing disc to reach every conners and remove stains and water marks effectively.

  • SCRATCH-FREE: Made of washable textured neoprene pad, the Magcrystal™ Cleaner will get your hard job done without any damage to glass surfaces.
  • VERSATILE: Magcrystal™ Cleaner can work on all glass type: wine glasses, bottles, bongs, decanters and many more other types of glassware.

Frequently Asked questions

Question: How strong is the magnet and how thick can the glass be for it to still work?

Answer: The Magcrystal Cleaner work well for glass with the thickness of maximum 1.5cm, which means it can be used for a wide range of glassware in your house. 

Question:Can I use it in a fish tank?

Answer:Our Magcrystal Cleaner is originally designed for cleaning hard-to-reach areas in glasses, vases, decanters and other types of glassware.

However you can also use it to clean anything which is made of glass or transparent plastic as long as it is not thicker than 1.5 cm. 

Fish tank filled with algae and dirt can be cleaned with this Magcrystal Cleaner, though it'll take a bit longer than you expected.

Question: When can I use the included warranty?

Answer:The included warranty protects your brush from any damage which prevents normal functionality.

Your warranty is applicable if the brush is damaged and the damage makes it non-functional.

Currently we provide 1-Year and 2-Year warranty options.

Question: How long does delivery take?

Answer:Due to high order volume and the situation with COVID-19, shipping times are extended. Usually your order will arrive in 8-16 days but in some cases it may take up to 25 days.



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