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EXTREME Survival Bracelet

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Have you ever been lost in the wilderness? I think we all have and let's be honest; it's no fun! That's why you need one of these cool bands with a built-in compass. This is an EXTREME Survival Bracelet with many built-in survival items to help save you in a time of need. 


1. Survival paracord bracelet:

3.2-meter Parachute Cord with 7 core - The 113kg strength paracord multitool bracelet can be unwound to be used for a variety of survival situations. Giving you better peace of mind when securing tents, hammocks, hanging heavy objects and much more!

2. SOS LED Light :

It’s key to rescue and recovery in the darkness! The LED Light can flash or just stay on, illuminating your way to safety or rescue. Its battery lasts for more than 70hrs. And the LED light can be found within a 10-meter diameter in darkness.

3. Rescue Whistle:

Built into this survivor wristband is a very loud whistle that can help signal rescuers from a great distance.

4. Fire Starter:

In the outdoor using the multi tool kit, you can strike the built-in flint to make life-saving fire


5. Retrieve SIM card pin:

Daily use on changing SIM card on phone.

6. T-shaped knife (with protective cover): 

Word screwdriver, cross screwdriver, cutter, semi-circular scraper

7. Multi-tool:

Large and small bicycle banners, bottle opener, can opener, scraper, medium hex wrench, saw blade, small hex wrench.

8. Compass:

A waterproof compass to maintain your sense of direction even in heavy rainy days

9. Adjustable length

There really is no limit to the uses for this item.