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QuickBrow™ Adjustable Eyebrow Stamp

Color & Bundle
Light Brown
Dark Brown

"I like the eyebrow stamp. I use it every time I put make up and love it. The powder is awesome though, especially for my eyebrow color. My eyebrows are thinner on the edge, while my eyebrows are full of nature. I have my heart set on it. It's far better than anything I've ever tried. I'm glad I found it." - Judith W.   

Natural Full Eyebrow

Instantly volumizes sparse areas and creates a beautiful, evenly shaped and natural looking eyebrow in a few seconds.

Waterproof & Smudge-Proof

Highly pigmented powder with long-lasting effect perfectly stays for 24 hours even on super oily skin. Perfect for daily or party makeup.

Adjustable Arch

With 3 arch angles to choose from, simply adjust the stamp to fit the shape of your own eyebrows. Create multiple looks from softer to more structured brow shape!

Hassle-Free Application

Unlike traditional eyebrow pen or powder which requires shape and fill separately, our eyebrow stamp only requires 2 steps - press and place, with smooth, hassle-free application, for make up beginners to professionals for a natural, flawless brow shape in seconds.

Natural Finish

Dual color highly pigmented powder lets you create a nicely blended, soft-looking ombre eyebrow. It comes with a double-ended brush to help brush and blend your pigments! Use the softer shade on the head and deeper shade on the tail to create a natural look for the eyebrows.


1. Take the eyebrow stamp out, press on the eyebrow powder, move around to ensure that the seal sponge is evenly stained with the pigment powder.

2. Find the location of your eyebrow, gently press the seal sponge from the tip to the end of the eyebrow.

3. After printing the eyebrow, you can use eyebrow pencil to strengthen the eyebrow shape contour.